Today, the US and its Western allies are explicitly lying about the events in Palestine and many other matters. They inversely portray tremendous disasters such as the catastrophe in Gaza during the 22-day war. We must be aware of such schemes. I want to reiterate this known fact: today, Gaza and the rest of Palestine are ignominy grounds of the West. Claiming "defense of human rights," the West has ignored the biggest and most disastrous invasion disregarding human rights in Gaza. For several days, last year, the West didn’t express a single word in support for the people of Gaza. Days were passing by, we were waiting to see if European--not the US of course--human rights organizations, or so-called "freedom defense organizations," would express a word in support of the people of Gaza. Nothing!


When people began to protest in different countries; they rallied and organized demonstrations; the scandal became apparent; then, they [western officials and media] started to talk [about it]. But nothing more than talks! The West provided no support to the people of Gaza in response to the major disaster that was taking place before all eyes [the world].


Even today, the West holds onto the same positions. The United Nations has been a disgrace to itself. The US was disgraceful and became more notorious. Though the Goldstone report is out and known to everyone, there is no move towards trial and punishment against the murderous, criminal heads of the Zionist Regime. Instead, support to the usurper, fraudulent Zionist Regime has increased! These developments made the West disgraceful. The US, with its new administration and a new president, claimed it wanted to bring about change. The motto of change was meant to, at least, moderately improve the notorious and ignominious image of the US in the Islamic region. But the USA couldn’t improve it, and they must know that they will never be able to improve it. Because they distort the truth: because they are, explicitly, relaying fabrications to the people: they [USA] lie about many matters.

Now, we are in the Islamic Republic; we are constantly seeing and hearing their lies. The inverting of realities and inversely portraying events, happen right before our own eyes, since 30 years ago, and we are used to it by now. However, the world will be the judge: history will be the judge.

I would like to tell you, today the Western civilization is challenged by issues regarding Palestine. Today, the liberal claim by Western democracy is challenged. It means that you, in Palestine, through your resistance, vanquished and nullified a several-hundred-year-old claim of the West, one which the West dictated to the world. Henceforth, the resistance you are carrying out is so extraordinary and exceptional.


February 27, 2010