Another issue is about their[martyr's] ideals. Well, what were the ideals of these youthful men? What incredible goals did those young men, who went out there and fought, have? This has been reflected in some testaments. They did so for God, for Imam (r.a.), and for hijab. You have seen what great emphasis has been placed on hijab in martyrs’ testaments. Well, wearing hijab was a religious rule. This ideal that martyrs had should not be forgotten.

It should not be the case that we think it was only a war like other wars, ones that others are fighting all over the world. We should not think to ourselves, “Every country has an enemy, after all. Sometimes a war breaks out, some youth go to front lines and they fight. And eventually, they are killed, injured, or return home alive. This war was like the other wars.” But, this war was unlike others. It embodied the issue of religion, of divine ideals, of the authority of Islam, of the Revolution and of revolutionary Islam, which drew the youth to the war.

Imam Khamenei, Sep 26, 2016